I am a Millennial based in London. I am also a widow. I was widowed on 24 March 2017. My late husband was my childhood sweetheart and first love and we were together for 11.5 years when he died and had been married for just over 2.5 years.

Even now, it feels like an oxymoron to be able to be described as both a Millennial and a widow. It is something I still struggle to accept. The term widow feels alien to me because I still associate it with a much older woman and I resent its permanency and frankly the stigma and misconceptions that come with that term. There is no reason for my life to be defined or tied to my husband’s death unless I choose for it to be.

I’m still a millennial and part of the challenge I have faced is being able to be a normal young person after and despite the tragedy of losing the love of my life. For that reason, in my personal life, I simply consider myself single.

My reason for creating this blog is because when my husband died I felt like I was the youngest widow in the world and that I was all on my own. I needed to know that there were other young widows out there (there are!) and I needed to know that it was possible to survive the worst thing in the world happening to you (it is). I also needed to tell our story, because it was really special.

So this blog isn’t just for widows/ers it will hopefully be a source of hope and encouragement for anyone who is struggling and wants to know that it is possible to survive, thrive and re-build a life that contains happiness, light and so much love after tragedy.

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